Limitless cap-abilities

KarmaCap Technology has been used since 2011 in Karma Wellness Water, a nationally distributed line of vitamin waters.

Karma Wellness Water packs its KarmaCap full of vitamins and nutrients, ready to be released by health-conscious consumers seeking a delicious and nutrient-packed drink.

Beyond the vitamin water market, KarmaCaps have limitless possibilities for other markets. When manufacturers want to keep unstable ingredients separate until point of use, or place high value on exact dosages or precise portions, patented KarmaCap Technology can help.

KarmaCaps can:

• Improve the shelf life or potency for products in pharmaceutical (OTC), nutraceutical, medical, alcoholic beverage,
  chemical, environmental science, and fragrance products
• Enhance core brands of beverage conglomerates
• Inspire new products, particularly those for whom controlled portions and freshness are key marketing points
• Serve as an entry point into the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets—anyplace where precise dosages or portions are key

In addition to those markets, KarmaCap Technology can be used in products related to:
- Antioxidants
- Anti-stress
- Botanicals and greens
- Energy and wellness
- Eye health
- Heart health
- Mental acuity
- Muscle building
- Nutrient supplements
- Probiotics and prebiotics
- Rehydration
- Relaxation
- Sports nutrition
- Superfoods
- Vitamin and mineral supplements
- Weight loss
- Workout formulations



 KarmaCap Technology

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