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3Bar Biologics is dedicated to applying disruptive technologies to create ecologically sound products that sustainably increase yields and protect farmer’s investments in land and seed. 3Bar Biologics’ Bio-YIELD uses naturally occurring microbes that are precisely matched to specific crops and soil environments. These microbes were discovered and isolated during a 15-year extensive research process by scientists at The Ohio State University.

The Bio-YIELD inoculant system is supplied in an easy-to-use patent-pending delivery device that makes it easy for farmers to activate the microbes at planting time. Activating the bacteria at the point of use creates a liquid with the freshest, most viable population of Pseudomonas fluorescens and other beneficial species (millions per drop). This inoculant system produces a higher percentage of living organisms than any other method available including liquids, powders, and seed coatings.

How 3Bar Biologics uses the KarmaCap

3Bar Biologics is dedicated to improving agriculture productivity and sustainability with novel microbial inoculants which produce a range of biochemistries in response to crop needs. 3Bar’s microbial inoculant delivery system utilizes the KarmaCap technology to protect and preserve the microbes. The system is activated on-farm to deliver the freshest and most viable biologic product in the world. The system is disposable or recyclable, easy to activate, and highly economical for the grower. This novel approach opens up the potential for commercialization of numerous beneficial microbes proven in research but never before available in a viable state commercially. 3Bar’s first commercial product Bio-YIELD® utilizes unique microbial strains licensed from The Ohio State University and is now entering its fourth growing season with customers in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.

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